eit ict labs photoExplore the city of Milan through 360° perspective! That is the aim of one of the applications leveraging on the “3cixty” platform capabilities. The application and the platform have been developed by EIT ICT Labs (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) that will be presented in Milan at the Move App Expo on October 11th – 15th. 3cixty is developed through collaboration of various partners from Germany, Italy, and France, among others Telecom Italia, Thales, Centro Ricerche FIAT, DFKI, Inria, Eurecom, Cefriel and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.
3cixty is an initiative that stands out because of its capability to seamlessly integrated city data in everyday life. It offers a platform and an ecosystem of services that provide complete and diverse information on the urban environment and on urban mobility. As an example, an App developed on the platform will give city visitors a possibility to create their own “wish list” that will help to reach new locations and previously visited places through mobile guide and geo-localization. Apps and services are being developed by a professional project team, along with the contribution of students through an App Challenge organized by Politecnico di Milano on the 3cixty platform. The aim is to provide visitors of Expo 2015, as well as everybody else living in or visiting Milan, with a “smart city experience”. After being applied to Milan during Expo 2015, 3Cixty platform will be later applied to support urban needs in the city of London.
Besides 3cixty, EIT ICT Labs will be present at Move App Expo with promissing innovative Italian start-ups that have developed services and applications for urban mobility. They will showcase their products for smart cities, such as Open Move, an open platform for mobile ticketing, compatible with every means of urban transportation, developed by Libon, a startup from Trento. Cityglance from Milan will present its product application for socially connecting people on public transportation, whereas Kiunsys, a startup from Pisa, already working with many Italian local governments, will showcase its INES app that is created for the management of urban mobility.
New services for urban mobility are being developed considering changing mobility behaviour and needs of citizens, as well as needs of urban service providers and governmental bodies. The new services are more often based on data generated by collaborative citizens. Through it’s European scale projects EIT ICT Labs aims to apply digital services to revolutionize urban mobility and meet the needs of persons in their everyday life. EIT ICT Labs has chosen to showcase its projects for urban mobility in Milan since the upcoming events in the context of Expo 2015 are transforming the city of Milan into an ideal experimental and showcase arena for projects where ICT is a key innovation enabler.
About EIT ICT Labs
EIT ICT Labs is a pan-European education and research-based innovation organisation founded on excellence. The mission of EIT ICT Labs is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life. EIT ICT Labs is a Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. By linking education, research and business, EIT ICT Labs empowers ICT top talents for the future and brings ICT innovations to life. The ecosystem is characterised by an open and collaborative way of working with partners representing global companies, leading research centres, and top ranked universities in the field of ICT. Since 2010, EIT ICT Labs is consistently mobilising talents, ideas, technologies, investments as well as business across Europe and beyond.
For more information, visit www.eitictlabs.eu

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