The Panel is part of the Big Data Jam, organised by Telecom Italian and Partners.
Today Big Data is becoming more and more relevant: there is so much data that it is, however, that is difficult to spot what can provide useful information. Technology has progressed to the point where the focus is no longer to simply identify meaningful data but to leverage the variety and abundance of data to “create” information that can provide insight on a variety of phenomena. This panel organized by EIT ICT Labs will focus on territorial Big Data, looking at what can be leveraged and what are the benefits and drawback, using as a starting point the experience gained in Trentino in these past two years. The event will be moderated by Maria Pia Rossignaud with the participation of Stephane Amarger, Gilles Betis, Derrick de Kerckhove and Roberto Saracco.
The panel will take place in room 102. It is right next to the EIT ICT Labs offices.
If you plan to use any slide presentations during the panel, please prepare them before on the usb key or send them to me.
Full program of the ICT Days you can find here.

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